Space News for May 21, 1999

Astronauts Get Grumpy in Space
Researchers studying Mir astronauts and cosmonauts have learned a tremendous amount about humans react to the confines of space. Tensions flare, rivalries erupt, and the crew tends to blame Mission Control for almost any problem. They’re working to help counteract the negative effects of space travel, and learn how to avoid personality conflicts before they start.

ABC News
Space Chronicle

SETI@home Borrows 600 Years of Computing Time

In only a week, SETI@home has become the world’s largest experiment in distributed computing, with more than 300,000 participants. This massive network has already racked up 600 years of computing time for the searchers, with a Michigan Tech University Group contributing a year by itself.


Hollywood Helps Design Next Spacesuit
NASA has turned to renowned costume designer Chris Gilman to help them create their next generation space suit because of his experience developing realistic movie replicas. Gilman’s objective was to improve the suit’s visibility, increase mobility, and be easier to get on an off.


Russia Allows Mir to Stay Aloft with Private Funding
Although government funding for the ancient space station has dried up, Russia has agreed to keep Mir aloft if private funding can be found in time. Estimates for the annual operations range between $100 million and $250 million; although, it’s unclear exactly who’ll provide the private funding.