Space News for May 4, 1999

Insurance too Expensive for Russian Module

Although it’s completed the newest component of the International Space Station, Russia can’t afford the $125,000 it will cost to insure it, and plans to launch without insurance. Perhaps not so wise considering the recent rash of mislaunches.

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Mexican Satellite Failure

Mexican satellite Solidaridad I developed a problem stopping pager service for clients of the telecommunications company. Pager traffic has been transferred to other satellites while engineers fix the problem.

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Getting to Mars on Anti-Matter

NASA scientists are considering this Star Trek fuel for the first manned mission to Mars. Although such a journey is many years away, the scientists believe they’ll have a working system within 2 years. With anti-matter, a single gram of fuel would provide the same boost as 23 Space Shuttle tanks.

Fox News

Moonbase Sites Considered

Searching for the best spot for a future moon base, ESA researchers believe that a spot near the moon’s south pole is ripe for colonization. Potentially located near patches of comet ice, and under near continual sunlight, the spot is a relative oasis.

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