Space News for May 5, 1999

Space Station Relations Improve

Despite a difference of opinion regarding Yugoslavia, Russia is completely onside with the development of the International Space Station – it just lacks the money. Although it suffered a year-long delay, the station’s living quarters are now complete, and will be launched into space this fall.

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Mercury Salvage Crew Loses Submarine

Rough Atlantic seas snapped a cable to the Mercury salvage team’s remote-controlled submarine, sending it to the bottom with the capsule. Plans are now underway to rescue the submarine first before continuing the salvage of the capsule.

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Dark Globule Found in Milky Way

Astronomers have discovered an extremely dark region of the Milky Way where there are no visible stars. It’s likely to be a dark cloud of gas and dust which astronomers have termed “dark globules”. This particular region is known as Barnard 68.

BBC News

Delta III Launches Incorrectly

The third launch mishap in less than a month, the Orion 3 satellite was placed into an incorrect orbit by the upper stage of its Delta III rocket. This launch was delayed 5 times, and the previous launch ended in disaster when the rocket exploded shortly after takeoff.

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