Space News for May 3, 1999

Mercury Capsule Found!

A Florida salvage operation has found the prize they were searching for: Gus Grissom’s Mercury space capsule. The Liberty Bell 7 was found 3 miles under the ocean, 300 miles off shore. The salvagers will return within a few weeks to raise the capsule to the surface.

Texan Considers Caribbean Spaceport

Texas entrepreneur, Andy Beal, is investigating the potential of developing a remote Caribbean island into a new spaceport, capable of launching rockets as large as the Ariane 5. The plans are controversial; however, as the island is a key nesting ground for Caribbean seabirds.

CNN Space

Titan Mishaps Affecting Other Launches

Because of the three Titan IVB launch disasters, the Air Force has postponed the launch of the Delta III as well. This is because both rockets share the same upper stage engine system, which caused satellites to be placed into incorrect orbits.

Space Daily

Landsat Pictures Arrive

Only newly-launched, Landsat 7 is already delivering high-resolution images of our planet. The satellite has twice the resolution of its predecessors, and will be able to map changes in the environment with great detail.

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