Space News for April 14, 1999

Article written: 14 Apr , 1999
Updated: 24 Mar , 2012

Scientists Discover Medium-Sized Black Holes

Astronomers have discovered several examples of medium-sized black holes located in nearby galaxies – probably between 10 and 100,000 times the mass of our sun – possibly caused by the aggregation of many smaller black holes.

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Another Possibility for Universe’s Missing Mass

Still on the hunt to find the universe’s missing mass, astronomers have used the NASA Extreme Ultraviolet Explorer peek into the hidden hearts of of distant galaxy clusters. They’ve found huge clouds of hot gas sucked into the center of these clusters – sometimes causing gravitational collapse of the whole cluster.

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European Eutelsat Launches

Carried aboard a Lockheed Martin Atlas 2AS rocket, the Eutelsat W3 satellite was placed into geostationary orbit Monday night. The launch was a complete success, a relief considering the rash of recent launch accidents.

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Controversial Paper Warns of Possible Asteroid Impact

Newly discovered asteroid 1999 AN10 has caused quite a stir in the astronomy community, as a recent paper warns that it could strike the Earth in 2039. Although the rock crosses the Earth’s path twice a year, gravitational effects could push it into a collision course… or not, depending on who you ask.

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