Space News for April 13, 1999

Hypernova Remnants Discovered

Considered mere supernovas until recently, astronomers have discovered the remnants of two massive hypernovas in nearby galaxy M101 – each explosion is estimated to have been 100 times more powerful than the average supernova.

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Hubble Sprinkled by Space Debris

Analysis of the Hubble Space Telescope repair mission’s video footage has revealed that the telescope has suffered nearly 800 micrometeorite and space debris impacts since it was launched nearly 10 years ago.

Astronomy Now

Air Force Attempting Satellite Rescue

Air Force controllers are attempting to rein in the Defense Support Program satellite – still locked in a lopsided orbit after its launch on Friday. It appears that an upper-stage motor malfunctioned on the Titan IV rocket, placing the satellite into an incorrect orbit.

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Mir’s Future Uncertain

Unable to afford the $250 million annual maintenance fees, Boris Yeltsin is uncertain about the future of the aging Mir space station. If additional funds can be found, space officials say that the station could stay up for another 3 years, but it’s possible it will be scuttled as early as August.