Space News for April 15, 1999

Search Begins for Mercury Capsule

Undersea salvage experts are looking for the Mercury 4 space capsule that almost drowned astronaut Gus Grissom almost 40 years ago. It’s expected that the capsule will be found at a depth of over 15,000 in the Atlantic Ocean.

ABC News
CNN Space

International Space Station will Be Noisy

The latest Russian component of the International Space Station will exceed noise level requirements of 50-55 decibels. Parts of the new Zarya service module will be as loud as 72 decibels, making warnings difficult to hear, and possibly causing hearing damage.

BBC News

Oldest Known Galaxy Discovered

Peering out to the edge of the universe, the Hubble Space Telescope has discovered the oldest known galaxy, which the discoverer has named after his sister – “Sharon”. Although it’s very old, the galaxy looks young, because the light has taken 13 billion years to reach Earth.

BBC News

TekStar Wins Solar Cell Contract

TekStar has won a lucrative contract to supply Lockheed Martin’s new satellite systems with solar power cells. TekStar previously supplied solar cells for Mars Pathfinder and the current Deep Space 1 missions.