Buzz Lightyear Joins Space Shuttle Crew

Buzz Lightyear will be on the next space shuttle mission, set to launch on Saturday, May 31. No kidding. “We are thrilled that Buzz’s lifelong dream of space travel finally will come true thanks to NASA,” said Jay Rasulo, chairman of Walt Disney Parks and Resorts. “This launch fulfills his dream, and we hope it will inspire countless children to stay interested in science and believe in their own dreams.” NASA announced today a new educational initiative partnership with Disney theme parks, which will kick off with space shuttle Discovery’s launch. A 12-inch-tall Buzz Lightyear action figure will be carried aboard the shuttle as part of the partnership to encourage students to pursue studies in science, technology and mathematics, one of NASA’s main educational goals.

Beginning on May 31, new online games will be available on NASA’s Kids Club which will feature Buzz Lightyear. And it sounds like NASA’s “Toys in Space” program might be dusted off or revived.

Disney’s Youth Educational Series and NASA have developed an online program known as the Space Ranger Education Series. It includes educational games for students, as well as materials for educators to download and integrate into their classroom curriculum.

“NASA is excited to help students understand the science and engineering currently underway on the International Space Station,” said Joyce Winterton, NASA assistant administrator for Education.
“The educational games and resources from this partnership will allow students to explore the science and math behind space exploration with a beloved character.”

Source: NASA

14 Replies to “Buzz Lightyear Joins Space Shuttle Crew”

  1. Don’t send that guy to the station! The guy is obviously inept, for crying out loud! He will find a way to screw up something vital, I promise.

    OTOH, if he doesn’t, that’ll be a good toy to have around for when there’s kids in orbit. 😉

  2. I wondered how long it would take before someone said that overworn catchphrase, and I see it is the FIRST one – sigh.

    Is Woody going to keep Buzz company?

    Not that there is ANYTHING wrong with that!

  3. What’s? This? “Buzz’s lifelong dream of space travel finally will come true”???

    Well I’m alive and kicking and have ben dreaming of going up ito space ever since I can remember.

    You know what? Buzz off.

  4. Whats up with this? Buzz Lightyear in space? Diffinatly going to screw things up.

  5. You need to double check this story. Buzz went up on STS-98. In Tom Jones’ excellent autobiographical look at being a Shuttle astronaut “Sky Walking: An Astronaut’s Memoir”, he recounts how Marsh Ivins used a Buzz Lightyear doll to help her operate the Shuttle’s robot arm.

    So Buzz has already been to infinity, at least informally. This is more of Disney-NASA joint project.

  6. well u know what there cpuffs, buzz lightyear is a g okay , your just mad because u cant fit into that little suit.

  7. GOOD LUCK MY LITTLE HOMIEEEE ! we’ll miss you. i hope you and woody get to keep contact while your on your trip with the humans, maybe you’ll meet some more of those little squeeky green alien things.. bye bud 🙂

  8. Look! The Space Shuttle Arm! It moves!

    The arm chooses who will stay and who will go!

  9. if it’s the first time someone’s used the catchphrase (I don’t even know what you’re talking about, thankfully) how can it be overworn already?

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