Celebrate Sun-Earth Day 2008 on March 20

Over the past seven years, NASA Sun-Earth Connection Education Forum has sponsored and coordinated education and public outreach events to highlight NASA Sun-Earth Connection research and discoveries. Their purpose is to interest school students and the general public to participate in programs that occur throughout the year and the kickoff is about to begin. This year’s main event will be on March 20, 2008.

Sun-Earth Day isn’t strictly limited to this single day. It’s a combination of programs and events throughout the year and celebrated this year on March 20. Middle schools are invited to participate, learn about solar science, solar energy and career choices. Following the events will prepare participants to watch a total solar eclipse on August 1, 2008 via a live web cast from China!

A wealth of website related resources provided by a collaboration of partners that include science centers and museums around the world, the Exploratorium, NASA Connect, Sun-Earth Connection missions and others, offer up awesome experiences like watching a Polar Sunrise. All you need is an Internet connection to visit the unscripted and unpredictable look into some of the latest information on Space Weather, Sun-Earth Day, Solar Week and the new ‘student based’ Space Weather Action Center at NASA Edge where they’re currently featuring programs on “The Sun-Earth Connection” and “Magnetospherence”. Visit the Solar Week website for educational classroom activities and games geared for upper elementary, middle and high school students with a focus on the Sun-Earth connection. Students learn about solar eclipses, sunspots, and solar storms through a series of activities, games, and lessons.

Get involved in Public Outreach! You don’t have to be in a classroom to share your love of astronomy and the Sun-Earth connection. Materials are available that have been specifically designed for you, the museums, planetaria, parks, youth clubs, and educators from community organizations around the globe. A wealth of Hands-On Sun-Earth Day Activities are available. Why not try enabling an idle computer at work with the Sun-Earth Viewer? Take the time to read a Sun-Earth Day Book to your children or grandchildren. It’s as easy as visiting the site and taking few moments to download.

Do you want more? Learn about the aurora at Dancing in the Night Sky or how NASA engineers and researchers use data analysis and measurement to predict solar storms, anticipate how they will affect the Earth, and improve our understanding of the Sun-Earth system at Having A Solar Blast. Don’t forget other great resources like NASA TV or music at Rock Our World. Visit the download site and pick up great movies like “Introduction to the STEREO Mission – Solar Terrestrial Relations Observatory” and “Blackout: The Sun-Earth Connection”.

No matter what you choose to do, Sun-Earth Day is a great time to share with others and have fun!