Advertise on Universe Today, Astronomy Cast, and Other Space Sites

Just in case there are some marketers out there, I wanted to let you all know that you can advertise here in Universe Today, in the Astronomy Cast podcast in the Bad Astronomy/Universe Today forum and other places. If you’re wondering how you can reach almost a million space enthusiasts every month, check out the advertising page. Great demographics and competitive rates. And it’s not just banner advertising either, we can come up with all kinds of clever ideas to help you reach the right audience, including giveaways and interactive programs. Drop me an email at [email protected] with your needs and I can get back to you with some ideas.

2 Replies to “Advertise on Universe Today, Astronomy Cast, and Other Space Sites”

  1. While I understand the need to create some revenue from a website, I’d appreciate if you were a bit more careful in selecting advertisers and placing ads on your pages.

    I keep seeing dubious advertisemens on Universe Today. For example, when visiting from a Linux machine, I frequently see those “Your Linux needs an update…” ads, badly translated into German. I don’t know if they are legitimate or not, but it looks a lot as if they’d lead to malware sites.

    Also, ad placement is problematic sometimes. For example, in , you write “The image below illustrates the different mechanisms creating the auroral spots…” in a paragraph that’s directly above an ad — so that, for the reader, “the image below” is that of a “high power green laser pointer”. That’s irritating.

    I have already stopped refering to on the net and in astronomical discussions. The site contains so many ads that it really does not look like a reliable source for “good astronomy”. While content matters, presentation should not be forgotten.

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