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Sites in the Network

Universe Today – 300,000 visitors, 700,000 pageviews, 35,000 RSS subscribers
Universe Today is one of the top space and astronomy news websites on the Internet, published by Fraser Cain. The site covers breaking news in astronomy research, space sciences, and human and robotic space exploration. It’s aimed at science enthusiasts who don’t necessarily have a science background.

Bad Astronomy – 500,000 visitors, 800,000 pageviews, 13,000 RSS subscribers
Bad Astronomy is the website and blog of the noted astronomer and author Dr. Philip Plait. On the site, he debunks cosmic myths and misconceptions, and uses them to write about real science. Opinionated and funny, he brings an insider’s knowledge about astronomy while still making it fun and entertaining to read. Bad Astronomy was voted the Best Science Blog in the 2007 Weblog Awards.

Star Stryder – 15,000 visitors, 40,000 pageviews, 1,000 RSS subscribers
Written by Dr. Pamela L. Gay, Star Stryder explores astronomy, space science, academia, and the politics that accompanies human exploration of the sky. Best known as the sexy female voice on Astronomy Cast and in the original Slacker Astronomy podcast series, Pamela is a rising star in the world of astronomy blogging, with work appearing in the Open Lab anthology of the best science blogs of 2007. Her writing combines analogy, passion, and a professor’s understanding of where it’s easy to get lost.

Bad Astronomy/Universe Today Forum – 150,000 visitors, 800,000 pageviews, 33,000 members
The Bad Astronomy/Universe Today Forum, or BAUTForum is the most popular space and astronomy forum on the entire Internet. At any time, there are more than 1,000 people simultaneously participating in the community, discussing space and astronomy topics, such as telescopes, astrophotography and human spaceflight.

Astronomy Cast – 30,000 visitors, 55,000 pageviews, 200,000 downloads
Astronomy Cast is the most popular astronomy-related podcast, hosted by Fraser Cain and Dr. Pamela Gay. Each episode focuses on one specific aspect of astronomy, such as dark matter or the search for alien life. The hosts make the information exciting and accessible through an informal conversation style, and yet they don’t talk down to the listeners.

Visitor Demographics
Who is visiting our sites? On average our visitors are much better educated and have a much higher income than Internet traffic in general. Here are the results of a recent survey that received 3100 responses.

Age Our Network Internet in General
Under 18 3% 20%
18-24 15% 17%
25-34 27% 17%
35-44 25% 14%
45-54 17% 14%
55-64 9% 10%
65-74 3% 4%
75+ 1% 3%
Gender Our Network Internet in General
Male 87% 53%
Female 13% 47%
Household Income Our Network Internet in General
Under $20,000 10% 15%
$20,000 – $34,999 9% 11%
$35,000 – $49,999 10% 11%
$50,000 – $74,999 18% 14%
$75,000 – $99,999 14% 9%
$100,000 or more 22% 14%
Prefer not to answer 17% 25%
Education Our Network Internet in General
Some High School 1% 7%
High School Grad 6% 15%
Some College 26% 25%
College Grad 34% 27%
Post-Graduate Work 11% 8%
Post-Graduate Degree 22% 17%
Bookmarked Site Our Network Internet in General
Yes 81% 48%
No 19% 52%
Occupation Our Network Internet in General
Senior Management 3% 4%
Retired 7% 11%
Not Employed 4% 7%
Other Management 3% 5%
Professional 28% 22%
Technical 29% 9%
Sales 2% 5%
Administrative 3% 6%
Other Employed 8% 11%
Homemaker 1% 5%
Student 14% 15%
Time on the Internet Our Network Internet in General
1% 6%
1-2 hours/week 2% 14%
3-5 hours/week 9% 22%
6-10 hours/week 19% 22%
11-20 hours/week 26% 16%
> 20 hours/week 43% 20%