Godzilla Wakeup Call

This is hilarious. You know how NASA beams up a morning wakeup song to the shuttle astronauts on every mission. They decided to go with a giant radioactive lizard theme song for Day 3 of the mission. Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency Astronaut Mission Specialist Takao Doi, and the rest of the astronauts were awoken on Day 3 by this terrifying monster attack on Tokyo.

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  1. Fitting given that Blue Oyster Cult did a lot of of space oriented rock and early laser concert work in their day. They also couldn’t resist a bit of tongue in cheek either. 🙂

  2. How long did it take before someone said that playing that song was racist? If it hasn’t been said yet, just wait, it’s coming.

  3. This one was one of several songs tributed to cult movies. “Nosferatu” was another that I remember.

    Some people will take offense at anything. There are certainly far more offensive songs around.

    Someone might even take “Joan Crawford (has risen from the dead)” seriously too.

  4. BS – don’t give me that “people will take offense to anything” crap. Fact of the matter is, every one is so afraid to piss off black people that they take the time to make sure what the say couldn’t possibly be seen as racist while on the other hand, no one gives a crap what offends other races, like asians. and nice try putting your name down as mang to lead us to think you’re a chink and all for this

    btw, did you hear the korean astronaut got bumped from the russian mission cause he stole from the spaceship? he must have been a north korean . . . .

  5. Wow, Tom. Thanks for the concern, but I think you need to count to 10 & get a little perspective:

    Some people WILL take offence to anything

    Racism isn’t (simply) about calling some nasty names

    This certainly won’t be the last song to stoke the righteous ire of the politically-correct or the misiformed/stupid

  6. lol, i think our buddy over there, “tom”, was having a little fun with our friend, “mang”. but some of what he says rings true – check out sarah silverman’s hbo special

  7. How could a 25 year old funny song about a horrible “B” movie be turned into a racial thing?? It was meant as a joke back then when you could joke openly. When things become THAT serious and politically correct, we should all take a deep breath and scream a racial slur out loud and get it off your shoulders!

    I would’ve said chest but that rhymes with breastesis and I wouldn’t want to offend the better half in my life.
    Woops! That rhymes with wife and I wouldn’t want to offend…………
    It gets really stupid really fast. Let it go already!


    That’s good stuff. I hope Mr. Doi appreciates the ribald humour over at mission control. I’m sorry you guys, but the only comment on racism about the song is right here, starting with K. Lets all thank K for turning the joke into a platform for racially charged commentary, something that I for one am sick of and will hear no more of.

  9. [this is random, but…I just feel like typing right now. And I’m no more off topic than an arguement about rascim in either it’s denifinitive or alternative forms. ]

    ‘Go…go…Godzilla’ reminds me….

    The name “Godzilla” is a rough romanization of Gojira (ゴジラ, Gojira), a combination of two Japanese words: gorira (ゴリラ, lit. “gorilla”)
    and kujira (クジラ, lit. “whale”).

    ‘Go’ from GOrilla….+
    ‘Jira’ from KuJIRA (‘whale’)

    Go + Jira = Gojira

    ‘j’ can be rendered as ‘dz’…
    so ‘Gojira’ can be rendered as ‘Go-dzi-ra’
    (‘ra’ denotes ‘giant’; as in Mo-su-Ra, or Moth-ra)

    ‘r’ can be rendered as ‘l’ or ‘ll’….
    so ‘Gojira/Godzira’ can be ‘Go-Dzi-LLa

    Go-Dzi-LLa….or, Godzilla.
    (but no, not God-Zilla….more Go-Dzilla).

    Godzilla breathes Atomic/Nuke blasts…
    not fire! It’s atomic blasts are usually blue.
    In the 1991-1995 films, it could generate a ‘nuclear pulse’ (pushing away anything around it), similar to the ‘electro-magnetic pulse’ generated when a nuke hits it’s target…

    Godzilla is a monster that represents nuclear weapons…in the original 1954 film, people would die from radiation just from being near Godzilla’s foot (it didn’t need to step on them to kill them, near proximity would cause instant death from radiation).

    Godzilla is grey not green.
    Ash grey, like the ash sillouettes on the sidewalks of Hiroshima & Nagasaki, the ash sillouttes left by bodies burned by the Atomic bomb.

    (Actually, most Japanese monsters are not green; only a very low percentage are green or even partly green. It’s a bit of a faux pas and kinda bad taste to have a green monster).

    In “King Kong vs Godzilla”, Godzilla represented USA (atomic superpower in World War II); while Kong represented Japan (whose resources came from Pacific Islands, like Kong came from an island). Godzilla usually = Nuke weapons or Nuke testing. So ‘the Big G’ repped USA, while Kong repped Japan, not the other way round! Contray to rumor, both USA and Japan versions of the film have the same ending; just that the US version has been ‘dumbed down’ stripped of plot, dialogue, brains and politics (the usual treatment from film companies, in their efforts, as they see it, to make it ‘safe for Americans’. Do they think US audiences can’t handle some political reference? So other than a thinned out plot and an added edited-in scientist to say some really dumb lines, the film ends the same way with Kong wading home).

    As Godzilla represents nukes, then all ‘G’ stories would have to be set in the atomic/nuclear age…1940’s onwards. (So no stories set in earlier times equating G with oriental dragons or dinosaurs). On the other hand, as Godzilla will always be the greatest analogy for Nukes, Godzilla movies will be around as long as the world has nuclear weapons.

    The de-politicised/denuked version from Hanna-B arbara are not counted as ‘real’…and even the 1998 Deanzilla/Trizilla USA version (which blamed French nuke testing) is acknowledge in Japanses Godzilla films as not being the real Godzilla. ‘Trizilla’ or “Zilla” is mentioned briefly in the prologue of “Godzilla Mothra King Ghidorah: All Out Monster Attack” (2002), where it is suggested that American scientists had mistaken it (the Hollywood 1998 version) for the original Godzilla.

    Hollywood’s ‘Zilla’ appeared in “Godzilla: Final Wars” , being re-named “Zilla” to differentiate it from the Toho Godzilla.In the film, Zilla attacks Sydney, Australia, and later battles Godzilla there. He charges at Godzilla and jumps over his atomic breath, but is sent flying by a tail swipe from Godzilla into the Sydney Opera House, where a second blast of Godzilla’s ray destroys both Zilla and the famous structure. The fight itself lasts 13 seconds, giving Zilla the record of the shortest battle in Final Wars, and one of shortest defeats in any Godzilla film.

    Hollywood’s 1998 ‘Zilla’ destroyed and defeated by Godzilla….in a mere 13 seconds! One contemptuous tail swipe…one atomic blast….and it’s alien-meets-jungle book yass is grass…(13 seconds is much more time efficient than wasting two hours watching that 1998 Hollywood turkey…yikes, was it sexist or what? That red-headed scientish lady only every talked about getting a man!)

    Well no one is probably reading this…so. Back to work. Bet you never guessed what goes through the minds of us psychiatrists while you’re paying us by the hour to pretty much ignore you and ask you the odd mirroring question.

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