Work Efficiency Declines 75% On ISS As Facebook Arrives On Station

Have you heard of Facebook? And it’s young billionaire leader? It’s a groovy computer thing where people share pictures of what they had for breakfast, their cats, and where they argue with strangers.

Today, Facebook will actually serve some purpose other than stranger-arguing and whatnot. Today, at 12:55 PM ET (9:55 AM PT), Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook’s fearless leader, will conduct a live video call with astronauts aboard the ISS. The entire 20 minute event will be streamed live at NASA’s Facebook page, here.

The best part about it, is that Zuckerberg will be asking the astronauts questions submitted by people who post them on NASA’s Facebook page. So check out NASA on Facebook and submit an interesting question.

Don't read this caption, read his sign. Image: NASA
Don’t read this caption, read his sign. Image: NASA

The three astronauts involved are Tim Kopra and Jeff Williams, of NASA, and the ESA’s Tim Peake. I’m sure they’re hoping for some interesting questions, so don’t disappoint them, Universe Today readers.

As a publicity stunt, this one’s a doozy. I wonder who courted who for this one? I suppose it doesn’t really matter; it’s a fun idea for everyone involved, and who knows what will come of it.

So go ahead and visit and check out other people’s questions and ask one of your own. Get their quick before the loonies and the conspiracy theorists clog it up. Seriously.

This is an example of the kind of thing being asked so far:

“The ISS is fake. NASA is fake and this Zionist puppet Zuckerberg is fake. My question: Why does NASA keep lying to the public about EVERYTHiNG since they were formed in 1958?”

So please, we’re begging you. Ask something intelligent. Just please don’t ask them to post pictures of their breakfast.

2 Replies to “Work Efficiency Declines 75% On ISS As Facebook Arrives On Station”

  1. Universe Today is fake. Why does Fraser keep lying to us by making up different names and posting fake stories??

    Facebook is fake. Faces are fake. Books are fake. Our government has been pretending books were real since they were all burned up in Alexandria.

    Space is fake. The moon is fake. Earth is flat and has a painted dome on top. Aliens are fake.

    Roswell was….. REAL

  2. Facebook is like the United Nations:
    It is good for keeping in touch with friends and monitoring enemies — but other than that, it is completely useless.

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