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Article written: 7 Feb , 2008
Updated: 26 Dec , 2015

Have you ever named a space mission? Well, here’s your chance. NASA announced today that they’re looking for help from the public to rename their upcoming Gamma-ray Large Area Space Telescope (GLAST) before it launches in mid-2008.

Think you’ve got a good idea for a name? Here’s what the mission’s going to be doing:

– Explore the most extreme environments in the universe, where nature harnesses energies far beyond anything possible on Earth
– Search for signs of new laws of physics and what composes the mysterious dark matter
– Explain how black holes accelerate immense jets of material to nearly light speed
– Help crack the mysteries of the stupendously powerful explosions known as gamma-ray bursts
– Answer long-standing questions about a broad range of phenomena, including solar flares, pulsars and the origin of cosmic rays

So, come up with a name that’s very high-energy. Send in the name along with a statement of 25 words on why you like your idea to NASA’s “Name That Satellite”.

Click here to access the website.

You’ve got until March 31, 2008, so get thinking.

Original Source: NASA News Release

14 Responses

  1. Member

    My suggested name is submitted, roll on March 31st! 😀


  2. Davin says

    Can I be the first to suggest The Incredible Hulk Space Telescope?

  3. Roger says

    Since the new satellite will be hunting for the undiscovered, “Beagle 1” would seem to appropriate.

  4. todd schrader says

    VILLARD-RUTHERFORD Space Telescope

  5. Kevin M. says

    And what’s wrong with GLAST? Sounds too Russian? Has to be a something cute? Has to evoke an image or person?

    Titan/Titanic? (yikes)
    The GammaSlamma?
    Nasa Extreme Environment Explorer? (NEXT)
    Nasa NT (new technology)?
    James Kirk Memorial Telescope?

  6. Kevin M. says

    I’m submitting “NEXT”.

  7. Kevin M. says

    Deep Scope?

  8. Kevin M. says

    “Deep Scope” is the William Mark Felt Memorial Telescope (former FBI director). He is one of the great patriots of our century for using the influence and access of the security agency to stand up to an out-of-control executive branch.

  9. Dr. Jayanta Kumar Das says

    I think the name ” ETERNITY” wil be right choice as the gama ray telescope looking in to undiscovered and unknowns of the universe.

  10. Sharath says

    I would name it “GRAMMER” .
    “G” for Gamma
    “R” for ray
    “AMMER” is like ARMOR.

  11. Molecular says

    I’ll suggest naming it “Abyss”. 🙂

  12. Sakib says

    I would call it GLUE, Gamma ray Large Universal Explorer because gamma rays are the glue that hold together the universe.

  13. lee says

    I think you should name it
    Because it is going to
    It will be a smart satellite

  14. Daniel1960 says

    I’ll suggest naming it “Hawkins” who studies about them without instruments

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