Astrosphere for February 7, 2008

Your photograph for today is the recent conjunction between Jupiter and Venus, captured by Shevill Mathers.

Starts with a Bang looks at the Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation’s inevitable slide towards the Radio Background.

A day without Astronomy Picture of the Day isn’t a day. Today, check out NGC 4013.

Pamela Gay reviews astronomy software called “Where is M13”.

There was a solar eclipse, did you notice? Ian Musgrave had the right perspective, and caught just a tiny snip taken out of the Sun.

Wired has a list of 10 technologies we could build if they weren’t so friggin expensive.

Now this is thinking big. Next Big Future has an article about a rail gun system that could launch spacecraft into orbit.

Centauri Dreams looks at Project Longshot. A mission to send a probe to another star.

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