Meteor Shower Throws Over 100 Meteors per Hour

With over 100 meteors per hour, the Quadrantid Meteor Shower is one of the latest mergers between Google and NASA, a major asset to space research due to their successful combination of ideas and plans. This peak shower began around 0200 UTC on Friday morning, January 4th, with the jet owned by the founders of Mountain View-based Google flying amongst big science players, such as the SETI research team.

To see this spectacular sight and to partake in a scientific mission, Google carried a team of NASA scientists and their high-technology instruments on board the Google owned Gulfstream V jet, which left the Mineta San Jose International Airport on Thursday late afternoon about 4:30 p.m. Plans were made for a ten-hour flight over the Arctic, returning to home base when the meteor shower mission was accomplished with the resulting data.

The GOOG Stock Message Board is full of the things that Google has been doing to improve the world—a real biggie was to develop a cheaper solar, wind power for Earth—excellent idea from a company whose corporate motto is to “do not be evil.â€? That plan involved the creation of a research group to develop energy sources that was a cheaper renewable alternative which focuses on solar, wind and any other forms of power through the Renewable Energy “Cheaper Than Coalâ€? project. And of course, lowering Google’s power bill was top of the list before anyone else as a huge incentive.

Last September, as most are aware of, NASA and Google had launched a $2.6 million dollar agreement to let the Google co-founders house their aircraft at Moffett Field while NASA was to be allowed to use it for their science work, such as that of the Quadrantid Meteor Shower. Other prospective plans for Google are to hand out $30 million dollars to any company that successfully comes up with a plan to bring people to the moon. Another plan is to fund a space race through Google’s Lunar X Prize competition.

Original Source: NASA News Release

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  1. Google is good.. ive got google Space for free at home on my Pc just like 1000’s if not 100’s of 1000’s of kids all round the planet.. google is good..

  2. “the Quadrantid Meteor Shower is one of the lastest mergers between Google and NASA”

    What is this supposed to mean?

    “lastest” is not a word in my dictionary

    How can a meteor shower be a merger?

  3. Ok, there are things to pick at, and yes this does sound like a PR piece for Google, but is it wrong for them to get recognition. Finding mutually supportive activities that allow the science to occur, is nice to see. It will never take the place of adequate funding, but it can augment what would otherwise be possible.

  4. i, for many times, attempted to zoom out thru google earth our location, and focused on planets and galaxies but failed. google earth fails on its premise.

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