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Weekly Space Hangout – June 26, 2015: Paul Sutter, CCAPP Visiting Fellow

Host: Fraser Cain (@fcain)

Special Guest: This week we welcome Paul Sutter, the CCAPP Visiting Fellow who works on the cosmic microwave background and large-scale structure.

Jolene Creighton (@jolene723 /
Brian Koberlein (@briankoberlein /
Morgan Rehnberg ( / @MorganRehnberg )
Alessondra Springmann (@sondy)

This Week’s Stories:

Mars Cube One: New Deep-Space CubeSats Will Travel to Mars Along With InSight Lander

New map confirms four Milky Way arms

Stennis fires up RS-25 engine as Shuttle veterans prepare for SLS role

Mexico Buys A Ride To The Moon

Farewell, LightSail: Satellite Watchers Say Solar Sail Fades Away

Airbus Wins OneWeb Contract

Polar Cyclones on Saturn Form From Smaller Storms

New Study Favors Cold, Icy Early Mars

Lab mimicry opens a window to the deep interiors of stars and planets

3-D printed rocket engine aims for flight record

Listening to the ‘sound’ of the #Universe – highly sensitive core of LISA Pathfinder completed

Ceres Has Lots of Bright Spots

Scientists discover brightest early galaxy and likely first generation stars

Best Observational Evidence of First Generation Stars in the Universe

Healthy comet lander Philae is ready to get back to work

Kepler 138 b – The Smallest Confirmed Exoplanet

The Moon May Have Dusty “Clouds”

All Systems Go for NASA’s Mission to Jupiter Moon Europa

Astronomers using Wide Field Camera 3 (WFC3) on the +Hubble Space Telescope have detected a stratosphere on an alien world for the first time.

Dual asteroid strike hints at chaos in the inner solar system

#TWiM: SpaceX Early-adopter SES Ready To Reuse Falcon 9 – For the Right Price

Science team finds methane in meteorites from Mars

Hot lava flows suggest volcanoes are active on Venus

Want to visit CERN? You can do it now via Google Street View!!

The Hydrocarbon Winds of Titan Explained

Hubble Telescope Captures ‘Bizarre Cosmic Quartet’ of Galaxies

Grand Theft Sedna: how the sun might have stolen a mini-planet

Seeing Where Stars Collide

Unknown extreme star formation discovered

Pluto and its Moon Charon, Now in Color!!

ALMA Weighs Supermassive Black Hole at Center of Distant Spiral Galaxy

Telescope backers to resume construction on Hawaii Island

France Giving up Arianespace Ownership, but not Oversight

Avoiding ‘Armageddon’: Asteroid Deflection Test Planned for 2022

Astronomers discover more than 800 dark galaxies in the famous Coma Cluster

Detecting exoplanets close to their host star: Astronomers develop breakthrough optical component

Sinkholes on Titan: New Study Shows How Hydrocarbon Lakes May Form by Earth-Like Erosion

Geomagnetic storm coming our way

Plum Brook prepped for EM-1 Orion Service Module testing

New Horizons update: Resolving features on Charon and seeing in color

See a Real-Time Transit of an Inky Dark Exoplanet

NASA’s Chandra Captures X-Ray Echoes Pinpointing Distant Neutron Star

ESA approves extension for comet mission Rosetta

Exposed Water Ice Detected on Comet’s Surface

LISA Pathfinder: Science payload completed and integrated into the satellite

ALMA Detects First Traces of Carbon ‘Smog’ Permeating Interstellar Atmospheres of Early Galaxies

Pluto Viewed from 26M km

OneWeb signs agreement with Arianespace for the deployment of the OneWeb Constellation

Giant Galaxy is Still Growing

Mercury Sole Survivor of Close Orbiting Planets Around the Sun

NASA takes first step towards landing humans on Mars

Cassini spends week observing Saturn’s magnetic personality

Car manufacturer Audi joins race to the Moon

Virgin Galactic, Arianespace land 60 launch contracts for OneWeb

Can planets be rejuvenated around dead stars?

#?LightSail? Kickstarter campaign reaches final stretch goal at $1,241,615!


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