A Star Became 1,000 Times Brighter, and Now Astronomers Know Why

Astronomers were surprised in 1937 when a star in a binary pair suddenly brightened by 1,000 times. The pair is…

1 month ago

Baby Stars Discharge “Sneezes” of Gas and Dust

I’m really not sure what to call it but a ‘dusty sneeze’ is probably as good as anything. We have…

2 months ago

Webb Joins the Hunt for Protoplanets

We can't understand what we can't clearly see. That fact plagues scientists who study how planets form. Planet formation happens…

3 months ago

Betelgeuse’s Surface is Boiling Furiously

Of all the stars in the sky, betelgeuse must be among the most enigmatic. One of its many mysteries surrounds…

3 months ago

This Planet-Forming Disk has More Water Than Earth’s Oceans

Astronomers have detected a large amount of water vapour in the protoplanetary disk around a young star. There's at least…

4 months ago

A Protoplanetary Disc Has Been Found… in Another Galaxy!

Astronomers have imaged dozens of protoplanetary discs around Milky Way stars, seeing them at all stages of formation. Now, one…

7 months ago

A New Technique Has Dramatically Improved ALMA’s Resolution

To those familiar with optical telescopes, the idea of doing something to achieve higher resolution with their telescope may seem…

7 months ago

Strong Evidence that Supermassive Black Holes Affect Their Host Galaxy’s Chemistry

Supermassive Black Holes (SMBHs) are impossible to ignore. They can be billions of times more massive than the Sun, and…

9 months ago

Astronomers Find a Newly-Forming Quadruple-Star System

Scientists have observed a rare quadruple star system in formation, revealing new insights into how multi-star systems form.

10 months ago

Is This The First Exoplanet Trojan, or the Result of an Epic Collision Between Worlds?

It seems like every week, researchers are finding more and more interesting exoplanets. Many of them have analogs in our…

11 months ago