Weekly Space Hangout – March 20, 2015: Lee Billings’ Five Billion Years of Solitude

Host: Fraser Cain (@fcain)
Special Guest: Author Lee Billings, discussing his book “Five Billion Years of Solitude”(@LeeBillings / leebillings.com/)
Dr. Pamela Gay (cosmoquest.org / @starstryder)
Morgan Rehnberg (cosmicchatter.org / @MorganRehnberg )
Brian Koberlein (@briankoberlein)

This Week’s Stories:

Possible Rings Around Minor Planet Chiron
Mars One is Broke, Disorganized, and Sketchy as Hell
Ceres’ bright spots might be cryovolcanism
Oceans on Ganymede
Bode’s Law applied to exoplanets
Long lasting planets could have chaotic orbits
OSIRIS Detects Hints of Ice in Comet’s Neck
Suddenly, It Seems, Water is Everywhere in Solar System
An Internal Ocean on Ganymede: Hooray for Consistency with Previous Results!
Bigelow Aerospace Shows Off Its Vision for Expandable Space Stations
NASA Dreams of Future Morpheus Project Templates
Japan Space Scientists Make Wireless Energy Breakthrough
“Sideways” Alien Earths May Still Be Able to Support Life
The World’s Largest Radio Telescope Takes a Major Step Towards Construction: International Centre for Radio Astronomy Research
Russia Puts Off Super-Rocket, Focuses on Angara Upgrades
Chandra: Mini Supernova Explosion Could Have Big Impact
Mercury’s Hidden Mantle Shows Up in New Maps
ISRO Successfully Tests its GSLV Mk III Cryogenic Engine
Ripples in the Milky Way
#TWiM SpaceX Says Boosting Output, On Track for 13 Rocket Launches This Year
SLS Program Pushing Toward Critical Design Review
SpaceX Falcon 9 Launch with TurkmenAlem Comm Sat Delayed
Vega to Launch Skybox Satellites
Russia Aims To Retire Proton in 2025 as Angara Takes Over
Leverage Commercial Technology or Lose Edge in Space
India to Build New Launch Pad, Plans for Crewed Launches
Mysterious “Snow Carrots” Observed at Meteorite Impact Sites
Current Mars 100 Finalists Refute Elmo Keep’s Mars One “Conspiracy Theory.”
Messenger Reveals Mercury Mysteries
Extent of Moon’s Giant Volcanic Eruption is Revealed
#TWiM Reports: No SpaceX Falcon 9 Launches Until April
China Outlines New Rockets, Space Station, and Moon Plans
New Citizen Science Project: Snapshot Supernova
More Than a Million Stars Are Forming in a Mysterious Dusty Gas Cloud in a Nearby Galaxy
Bigelow Aerospace Expandable Activity Module (BEAM) Completes Major Milestones

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