Glorious Star Factories Shine In Astounding Amateur Shots

We often publish photos from professional observatories, but it’s important to note that amateurs can also do a great job taking pictures of the sky with modest equipment and photo processing software.

On Universe Today’s Flickr pool, we’re proud to showcase the work of all the fans of the cosmos. Included here are some of the best shots of galaxies and nebulas that we’ve seen uploaded to the site in recent days.

The Milky Way shines over Termas de Chillán in this photo taken by “Miss Andrea” on Flickr.
The center of the Heart Nebula captured by David Wills on Flickr.
Simeis 147, the “Spaghetti Nebula”, shines in hydrogen alpha in this image captured by Rick Stevenson on Flickr.
The Tarantula Nebula imaged in Ha, OIII and SII by Alan Tough on Flickr.


Elizabeth Howell

Elizabeth Howell is the senior writer at Universe Today. She also works for, Space Exploration Network, the NASA Lunar Science Institute, NASA Astrobiology Magazine and LiveScience, among others. Career highlights include watching three shuttle launches, and going on a two-week simulated Mars expedition in rural Utah. You can follow her on Twitter @howellspace or contact her at her website.

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