Astro-Panarama: Aurora on the Farm

Since I grew up on a farm, I know how lovely the night sky can be when you’re out in the country. But this new image from Alan Dyer is just astounding!

This 180-degree panorama shows an aurora display behind grain bins on a country road in Alberta, Canada. “The aurora adds more color to a sky also filled with green airglow,” Alan wrote on Flickr, “while at the ends of the roads are yellow glows of light pollution, from Strathmore and Calgary at left, and Bassano at right. For a few minutes there was also the sharp edge at left to the aurora rays, present in 3 frames of the panorama, so it is not an artifact of the stitching. The Big Dipper is left of centre, low in the north.”

Just gorgeous. Plus, it reminds me of home…

You can click on the image above to see larger versions.

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