Stargazing Timelapse Plus Apollo 14 Launch Soundtrack Is Pure Magic

It feels like a real stargazing session watching this video. You head out at dusk, waiting for the first few stars to emerge. Then there’s a moment when — if you’re in the right spot — whammo. The Milky Way pops out. The sky turns into a three-dimensional playground.

Combine that feeling with the Apollo 14 launch audio from 1971, and this timelapse is a lot of fun.

This timelapse is called “Stargazer” and was shot by photographer Damian Vines.

“A compilation of various astro time-lapses I’ve shot around WA state in the last year or so,” he wrote. “A couple of the Milky Way shots are at Artist Point on Mt. Baker and another is at Diablo Lake lookout East on Hwy 20.”

3 Replies to “Stargazing Timelapse Plus Apollo 14 Launch Soundtrack Is Pure Magic”

  1. Now THAT is a confusing message… “Sorry, because of its privacy settings, this video cannot be played here.”

    YES, I can get to the video if I go to the Vimeo link, but NO, it won’t play without leaving this page.

  2. Overlaying the audio of the Apollo 14 launch was sheer brilliance. Astronomic time-lapses are engaging enough, but add in the audio for emotional impact, and BAM, you’re in space. Great fun!

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