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Beautiful Astrophotos: Crescent Moon and Venus Rising

Did you see the crescent Moon near a bright star on Tuesday morning this week? Many of our Flickr group astrophotographers captured gorgeous shots of the two together in the sky, including this eye-candy image from Alan Dyer from Canada. Just take a look!

A beautiful conjunction between the Moon, the very bright planet Venus, and the easily recognizable open star cluster of the Pleiades from central Italy on the morning of June 24, 2014. Credit and copyright: Giuseppe Petricca.
The waning crescent Moon and Venus as seen from the UK on June 24, 2014. Credit and copyright: Sculptor Lil on Flickr.
Moon and Venus Conjunction approximately 1 hour before sunrise on 24th June 2014. Looking east over central London with Canary Wharf on the horizon. Credit and copyright: Roger Hutchinson.
Venus and Waning Crescent Moon on June 24, 2014. Credit and copyright: Stephen Rahn.

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