Weekly Space Hangout – January 24, 2014: LEGO Mars Rover & the Supernova We Missed in the Star Party!

Host: Fraser Cain

Special Guests: Stephen Pakbaz, designer of the LEGO Mars Rover Kit, and Ray Sanders from CosmoQuest, who is unboxing and building the kit as we hang out!

Astrojournalists: Morgan Rehnberg, Sondy Springmann, Elizabeth Howell, Casey Dreier, David Dickinson, Nicole Gugliucci, Mike Simmons

Today’s Stories – we’ve got a whole bunch this week!

Casey Dreier (planetary.org):
Legislative Blitz in D.C.
NASA shuts down the ASRG program (plutonium-238)
Rosetta Wakes Up!

Sondy Springmann (@sondy):
Water on Ceres?

Nicole Gugliucci (Cosmoquest.org / @NoisyAstronomer):
Chang’e’s Lunar Panorama
Supernova in M82 – and we’ve got footage of where we caught it on Sun, Jan 19, in the Virtual Star Party, but no one realized it was there!
Cosmo Academy

Elizabeth Howell (@howellspace):
Mock Mars mission
Will Spacewalks Happen On Expedition 40? NASA Undecided Due To Leak Investigation
Dusty, Windy And Damp: Five NASA Probes To Hunt Down Climate Change in 2014

Morgan Rehnberg (cosmicchatter.org / @cosmic_chatter):
Benchmarking NASA’s quantum compute

David Dickinson (@Astroguyz):
The Moon meets Saturn this Weekend
Video of Venus thru Inferior Conjunction
Video of Jupiter rotation
Nearby Brown Dwarf Imaged

Mike Simmons (Astronomers without Borders):
John Dobson bio

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  1. Love your brave struggle to manage Google/whatever.
    Here’s an illustration of this great problem of our time, but somehow we’ll survive (try to):

  2. What the … heck is it with Lego? Some kind of monetary enhanchement? Does space.com have money in Lego?

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