Virtual Star Party – January 19, 2014: Jupiter, the Moon and Nebulae

Host: Fraser Cain

Andrew Dumbleton in the UK
David Dickinson in Florida
Shahrin Ahmed in Malaysia
Gary Gonella in Los Angeles, CA
James McGee in Huntsville, AL
John Kramer in Murfreesboro, TN

Tom Nathe
Mike Simmons

Views tonight with 6 live telescopes:
Orion, Sunspots, Horsehead Nebula, Andromeda Galaxy, Jupiter, the Moon, the Rosette Nebula, NGC 1501 Planetary Nebula, Propeller Nebula, M33 the Triangulum Nebula, Bubble Nebula with M52

We hold the Virtual Star Party every Sunday night as a live Google+ Hangout on Air. We begin the show when it gets dark on the West Coast. If you want to get a notification, make sure you circle the Virtual Star Party on Google+. You can watch on our YouTube channel or here on Universe Today.