Take a Tour of the Phonebooth-sized Crew Quarters on the International Space Station

Article written: 10 Jan , 2014
Updated: 23 Dec , 2015

Phone booths. You know, those things that Superman used to change into his cape and tights. According to news reports, the last phone booths in use in the US will be decommissioned and hauled away sometime this year. If you’ve ever had the chance to actually use one of these communication relics, you know how cramped they are inside. But they provide a good size comparison to the tiny crew quarters on board the International Space Station.

In this new video, Japanese astronaut and Expedition 38 Flight Engineer Koichi Wakata provides a tour of the crew quarters inside the International Space Station’s Harmony node where there are four individual living spaces. They include a sleeping bag, laptop computers and gear for communicating with family members.


2 Responses

  1. Kawarthajon says

    This guy likes his time pieces – two watches on the wall and one on his wrist!

  2. Olaf2 says

    I like the word “phone boot”, because most people have no idea what a phone-boot is anymore. We should replace “phone boot ” by exterior of a TARDIS. 🙂

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