Virtual Star Party – December 15, 2013 – Blazing Moon, Beautiful Nebulae

Hosts: Fraser Cain and Scott Lewis
Astronomers: David Dickinson, Gary Gonella, Mark Behrendt, Roy Salisbury, Tom Nathe, Stuart Foreman

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Topics: The moon, the Bubble Nebula, Caroline(Herschel)’s Rose open cluster, then back to the moon to see Sinus Iridium – the landing site for the Chinese Chang’e lander, the Eastern Veil Nebula, Andromeda Galaxy, back to the moon for dark spots and pics of the Chinese Yutu rover. Half of the Double Cluster, then the full cluster. The Cocoon Nebula, the Barnard Dark Nebula, then back to the Moon for the Sea of Tranquility. The Pac Man Nebula, the Cave Nebula.

We hold the Virtual Star Party every Sunday night as a live Google+ Hangout on Air. We begin the show when it gets dark on the West Coast. If you want to get a notification, make sure you circle the Virtual Star Party on Google+. You can watch on our YouTube channel or here on Universe Today.