Astrophoto: Sunspot Flyover

Watch out! That plane is heading straight for a sunspot! Astrophotographer Sebastien Lebrigand was taking some detailed images of the Sun and when something zoomed into his field of view, a 737 airplane. He was about 70 km outside of Paris France when he took this image, using a CANON EOS 500D camera and a 114 mm refractor telescope with a 1200mm focal length. Exposure: 1 / 3200s in 100 iso. The image was taken on September 5, 2013.

Nice catch!

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3 Replies to “Astrophoto: Sunspot Flyover”

  1. If darkmatter was just as easy to see and understand … (Nice foto, with food for thought)

  2. I vote for hydrogen powered jets… Remember after 9/11 how clear the sky got? Nice pic anyway but a reminder that we are (humans) spewing millions of tons of hydrocarbon soot into the upper atmosphere.. for what that’s worth~

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