Get Your Own 1960’s Moon Rocket Kit

Article written: 27 Jul , 2013
Updated: 30 Dec , 2015

This 1960’s commercial is full of awesome (except I can’t imagine combining Cheerios and V-8), and I certainly would have saved my boxtops for this Moon Rocket Kit. Thanks to Chris Hadfield, who shared this video today via Twitter, saying, “I’m concerned how @cheerios landed their astronauts on the Moon – Ouch!”


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  1. Damaged Goods says

    Sweet…..I had a Major Matt Mason. Came with some kinda sled deal.

  2. Schuey says

    Hmmm check this one out

  3. lcrowell says

    When I was 7 years old or so I had the GI Joe space capsule

    which I kept in pretty good condition until I let my son play with it. The GI Joe figure even had the spacesuit. I even had the original box it came in. I later found this item is a bit of a collector’s item in the toy department. My son tore it up, which did not really make me very happy.

  4. proxima1 says

    I think it was also Cheerios that later on included a single random mission patch in their box. They had patches for all missions up through Apollo. Unfortunately, they made up their patches, but I would add them one at a time around the border of a large moon map. I loved Cheerios, but couldn’t eat enough to get all patches, so I finally wrote to them and they gladly sent me an entire set.

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