Weekly Space Hangout – July 26, 2013

It’s time for another Weekly Space Hangout, where a dedicated team of space journalists run down all the big stories in space and astronomy for the week of July 26, 2013.

Host: Fraser Cain

Panel: Jason Major, Scott Lewis, David Dickinson

Astrological Sign of the Royal Baby
Cosmos Trailer Showcased at Comiccon
Asteroid 2003 DZ15 Close Pass on Monday
Comet ISON Image with Galaxies
Delta Aquarids Meteor Shower
Pale Blue Dot II
Apollo 11 Anniversary
Some Success with the Kepler Recovery

We record the Weekly Space Hangout live as a Google+ Hangout on Air every Friday at Noon Pacific, 3:00 pm Eastern. You can watch the show live on Google+, or here on Universe Today. But you can also watch the archive after the fact, if live video isn’t your thing.

2 Replies to “Weekly Space Hangout – July 26, 2013”

  1. The progenitor for the Perseid Meteor Shower is Comet Swift-Tuttle as announced in 1867 by astronomer Giovanni Schiaparelli!

  2. This reader just arrived back from Mars, so unaware of Cosmos remake. As one of possibly more that a billion viewers of replays on series, I too enjoyed the original. However, was not too fond of the heavy worldview-slant it presented. It would be nice (hoping too much), if a remake might, on the hypotheticals, lighten up. Better, a more balanced tour to launch through Spacetime.

    Discussion reminded me of the interesting choice of interior design, for Mr. Sagan’s fliuid, chaple-like ship of mind. (Externally, reminiscent of a Dandilion on stalk of air, if I recall the traveling starburst image clear.) Intentional, it could have been, and symbolic in a way that designers may not have intended to convey (but there I shall not tread).

    Though did not agree with Mr. Sagan’s perspective, framed in cosmic calendar story, I found his guiding psentation of Astronomy, inviting, afable, and engrossing (as observed).

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