Welcome to the Space Station Science Garage

What do you get when you combine Mike Massimino, Don Pettit, Chris Hadfield, Tom Marshburn and some bean bag chairs? Space geek heaven, perhaps? Here’s the premier edition of a new series, and it features a great discussion about what it is like to fly in the cramped Soyuz after living in the expanse of the International Space Station for five months.

This looks like a great new series, as any day you can get Don Pettit talking science is a good day! Look for more in this series that will showcases human spaceflight and science aboard the International Space Station.

One Reply to “Welcome to the Space Station Science Garage”

  1. I like em all but wonder after Don Petit? He stammers and sputters somewhat, but gets his message through. It’s like he’s got so much going on in his head that he can’t get it all out fast enough?

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