2 Replies to “Spacetime Fabric Softener: An Animation to Make You Smile”

  1. THANK YOU Jason. That video was great! It truly is a soft looking and soft feeling video. I know I will give off the same emotionally to others on this Friday eve. Even though I am not a scientist in the sense of the word. A shade above a novice fits me well. I really truly enjoyed it especially it being a ‘lil’space flick’.
    You live sort of close to me. I am in a city exactly 29 miles to your east from Gano St. going east on RT-195. With one guess. Can you name that city?…lol ..Thanks again 😉

  2. Jason? No hello? Whats the matter? I don’t work for a prestigious science foundation? Or a science physics lab? Or affiliated with any science fellows? …lol. Wow! 1 person said hello and liked your lil’space flick. I was being truthful. It was cool and showed smooth emotions. Did you write, produce, fund and promote ‘Jason and the Argonauts”? ..lol. Just having a bit of fun. 😉

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