How Big is Asteroid 1998 QE2?

Since Asteroid 1998 QE2 has a name which evokes cruise ships, astrophysicist Rhys Taylor has created this wonderful video comparing the two QE2s. He also has more information on his great blog, Physicists of the Caribbean.

4 Replies to “How Big is Asteroid 1998 QE2?”

  1. While QE2 is a ship indeed. It is also the Queen of England. I wonder how many Queens it would take to circle it? or equal its mass?

    1. I liked this idea so much I updated the blog post to answer your question.

      1. Well! thank you corporal!

        I`ll be on the lookout for techniques to clone our head of state.

  2. I like the question: “What if we converted 1998QE2 into the size of the Queen Elizabeth II?”….. How many would that be = 300,000! Think about this.. It’s ridiculous to assume we could/would ever convert QE2 into a buncha cruise ships.. How silly is THAT? BUT, (The obvious question) if we turned QE2 into a space fairing vessel… how many people would that hold? And where might we go and what might we do with that?

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