How Many Tribbles Will Fit Into Your House?

Star Trek: How Many Tribbles Will Fit in Your House?

Oh, those little creatures that are no Tribble at all. If you’re not familiar with these small, non-intelligent lifeforms known for their prodigious reproductive rate, Tribbles (Polygeminus grex) are part of Star Trek lore. And we’ve all got Star Trek on the brain with the opening of the latest movie, Star Trek: Into Darkness (see our review here). So just for fun, here’s something that Nilz Baris would have loved to have access to. Provided by the folks at Movoto, this handy calculator will will tell you a.) not only how many Tribbles will fit into your home, but also, b.) how long it will take them to be fruitful and multiply to fill your home.

And for more fun here’s some estimates of how many Tribbles will fit into various landmarks, both real and imagined:

Empire State Building

Tribbles: 71,153,846
Time: 96 hours

White House

Tribbles: 1,375,000
Time: 72 Hours

Burj Khalifa

Tribbles: 96,342,614
ime: 96 hours

Painted Lady

Tribbles: 57,692
Time: 60

Wayne Manor

Tribbles: 980,769
Time: 72 hours

Millennium Falcon

Tribbles: 1,173,493
Time: 72 hours

One Reply to “How Many Tribbles Will Fit Into Your House?”

  1. This has to be the cutest test I’ve ever taken.
    42,307 Tribbles
    60 Hours

    I have to say though, I’m now referring to the moles as Tribbles, since their numbers are becoming alarmingly high. Just yesterday when outside I said to myself, “I don’t care if it takes every person on this ship, we’ve got to get them off here!” Where’s Scotty with the transporter when I need to rid myself of these pests? LOL

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