Live Online Event: The Exploding Universe: the Realm of Supernovae

Supernovae are some of the fascinating objects in the Universe. The Virtual Telescope Project will be hosting a live webcast today UPDATE: the webcast will also be on May 17, 2013 as clouds arrived shortly into the webcast on on the 16th) at 21:00 UTC (5 pm EDT, 2 pm PDT) to explore in real-time — from the comfort of your home or office –the exciting world of supernovae, those incredible, violent exploding stars. All this with the live commentary from a professional astrophysicist, Gianluca Masi.

You can watch at this link.

During “The Exploding Universe: the Realm of Supernovae”, you can join in and surf the Cosmos in space and time, observing dying stars placed millions of light years way and shining as billions of Sun, while living the very final stages of their lives, before becoming a neutron star or a black hole.