Chris Hadfield’s 5-month Space Mission in 90 Seconds

Already missing him being in space? I’ve seen several tweets about people going through Hadfield withdrawal. But to tide you over until he starts tweeting again (just give him a little time to get his Earth-legs again) here’s a mashup/supercut of Chris Hadfield’s video and image highlights from his five-month stay on the International Space Station.

12 Replies to “Chris Hadfield’s 5-month Space Mission in 90 Seconds”

  1. Is it possible to have a calm rational discussion about the ISS? I hated seeing the golf club come out on the moon and I am not impressed with Hadfield’s stage presence. Maybe he should go on Idyl. I object to the ISS as it has devolved into whatever it is. Maybe that is a good starting point. What is the ISS? Is it worth the bang for the buck? Or are we just strumming along while the “developing” world takes space for real? When people look for heros they find them. Where is my science?

    1. It is not possible to have a calm conversation with you in the light of your abyssmal state of ignorance concerning the value of science and the ISS. In addition, you have no idea how much Hadfield’s “stage presence” has catapulted the popularity of space travel as a possible career for youngsters.
      You ask, “Where is my science?” It’s all around you. Too bad you won’t open your eyes and look.

    2. Chris Hadfield is a contemporary hero.

      He re-made the ISS project Human, Public, and International.
      He represents the best of human qualities, If I ever meet him I will thank him and shake his hand!

  2. Ya just have to watch the I.S.S. soar overhead and then watch some live feed from the space station , and feel connected , humanity at its best . Congratulation to all that have created all the science and fabrication from around the world . Thank you !

  3. Chris (Bowie) Hadfield brought the ISS into my house on a regular basis in a delightful and insightful way. He is a credit to Canada and the world… Good job Chris! More por favor! I can only hope he’ll become the first Canadian on the Moon! or even Mars!

  4. I really miss this guy. I hope his interaction with educators, students and the Legions of Millions via social networking outreach is taken to heart and formalized by The Federation 🙂

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