Space Oddity: Hadfield Records First Music Video from Space

He’s leaving space on Monday, but not before giving the world a memorable parting gift. ISS Commander Chris Hadfield has captured the attention and imagination of so many during his five-plus months in space via social media and with the many videos he’s recorded while on the International Space Station. This is his final video from the station, and according to his son Evan Hadfield — who has helped orchestrate the Commander’s barrage of tweets and images — it is also, coincidentally, the first real music video ever recorded in space.

“With deference to the genius of David Bowie, here’s Space Oddity, recorded on Station,” Hadfield tweeted. “A last glimpse of the World.”

As someone posted in the comments on this video, Hadfield is the new standard of incredible.

6 Replies to “Space Oddity: Hadfield Records First Music Video from Space”

  1. Chris Hadfield should be the Time mag man of the year. The things he has done are truly epic.

  2. A Canadian Astronaut, singing a British song in a Russian Rocket from Heaven!

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