Hang On! Trailer for “Gravity” Previews Spacewalk Disaster Film

Yikes! The trailer for an upcoming film “Gravity” is absolutely terrifying. This movie won’t hit theaters until October 4, 2013, so we can expect to see more trailers after this first ‘teaser.” We do know it is directed by Alfonso Cuarón and stars Sandra Bullock and George Clooney. But with an emergency spacewalk likely taking place tomorrow at the International Space Station, the timing of the release of this trailer is just a bit eerie.

Bullock plays a medical engineer on her first shuttle mission, with veteran astronaut Matt Kowalsky (Clooney) in command of his last flight before retiring. But on a seemingly routine spacewalk, disaster strikes. The shuttle is destroyed, the space station is damaged, leaving the two astronauts completely alone and tethered to nothing but each other and spiraling out into the blackness.

Watch the teaser below:

The word on the street is that NASA was not consulted at all for this film, so we can only hope for a hint of reality (i.e., let hope it’s not another “Armageddon.”) But from the trailer, it seems to follow the recipe for any space disaster film: go into space, have the mission go awry, bring in the heroes to save the day. Guesses on thumbs up or down?

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    1. That was a great movie. The scene where everyone stops near the end was PERFECT. He also did the best of the Harry Potter films, Prisoner of Azkaban.

  1. What is not realistic in that short fragment is that the ISS is burning up in the atmosphere.

  2. Nice, and looking forward to it.

    I’ll nitpick at the astronaut grabbing for a grip at about 1:10 in the trailer – it’s obvious there that the actor is in a harness – you’d see some wiggle at their midsection as they flailed for it, due to every action having an equal and opposite reaction.

  3. There are *a lot* of scenes of people getting blown away from a shuttle, or the iss, or each other.. Even if that all happened in a big crazy single accident that they decided to show all of in the trailer, it’s hard to believe that so many safety tethers would have failed sending then flying off into space. And if it’s many spacewalks that someone tumbles away, you’d think that someone would say, “hey, how about I hook up 2 or 3 ropes to myself… maybe a friggin fire extinguisher like wall-e”.. seriously.

    Also, didn’t Tim Robbins already do this in ‘Mission to Mars’?

  4. If you read Ray Bradbury’s The Illustrated Man, one of the short stories within pretty much this exact story. Its probably where they got the idea for the story.

      1. If its anything like the story, it’ll be good, but I have faith in the ability of Hollywood to ruin any good script with nonsense and re-writes.

    1. If the explosion releases atoms it will make noise. depending on type of mike and placement. I would use a ribbon mike placed near the blast. I know someone shot a ribbon mike with a blank destroying the products reputation for 50 or so years. However, its sensitivity may prove worthy in outer space movie production.

  5. Looks like a typical American film, you can predict the outcome without even watching it. Most American films are so boringly predictable.

    1. Big budget films by necessity follow a formula for success. Hollywood happens to produce more such films than anywhere else. But don’t judge American cinema by Sandra Bullock’s repertoire.

  6. Someone in Hollywood (perhaps everyone) does not know miles from kilometers, the space station is at about 372 kilometers, not 372 miles.

  7. It’s all fake and made up. Only for entertainment. Also, nice to see a movie about space.

  8. Kubrick’s flick is what, 50 years older, yet still looks way more realistic than this.

    1. I know, and you can supposedly hear explosions in a vacuum. oh Hollywood!

  9. haha, hey everyone whining about unrealistic this or that – ITS A MOVIE… i bet u guys are no fun a parties

  10. The word gravity is an invention of the Space Monkeys….. in reality the suited monkeys don’t tell how much an atmosphere has to account for when on a surface….on a planet….. Rarely, the Space Monkeys publish about research on this respect….. DO GET FOOLED or be a monkey……

  11. I’m thinking its a space version of Open Water. If she was ejected at any decent velocity, her o2 wouldn’t last long enough for a rescue mission to be setup, even if the Dragon was coming from the ISS.
    I’m thinking the end of the movie will end with a shooting star….

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