Zoom into the Moon with this Insanely High-Resolution Mosaic

This is beyond awesome. Use your mouse wheel or the + and buttons on this incredible interactive view of the Moon to zoom in; use your mouse to let the image take you where you want to go. Click on the button in the lower right to go full screen and you’ll feel like you are in lunar orbit.

This was created by @AstroMike247

Hat tip: Cory Schmitz

11 Replies to “Zoom into the Moon with this Insanely High-Resolution Mosaic”

    1. That was also my reaction. Nice, but not all that special. Now one made from a mosaic of LRO images, THAT would be cool!

  1. Absolutely great.

    Can this be done with the rest of the moon as well ?


  2. Hi Nancy,

    At the Moon’s 12:20 position along the edge, and say 1000 kilometers toward the Moon’s center, located just above the white crater, there appears to be some sort of raised plateau. Curious to find out what that item is.

  3. Zoom.it is a great way to display high-res images where you want the user to be able to also view details. I use it on most of the newer astro-images on my webpage. The only problem that it has is that the default max zoom is 200% of original and the imager may not want to artificially magnify (beyond the native size). It is also free and very easy to use.

  4. Very interesting on the iPad tablet: it doesn’t really work well. I’ll be looking at the code.and wondering how to make tablets work with it.

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