Whirlpool Galaxy

Carnival of Space #357

by Susie Murph June 9, 2014

Welcome, come in to the 351st Carnival of Space!  The carnival is a community of space science and astronomy writers and bloggers, who submit their best work each week for your benefit. I’m Susie Murph, part of the team at Universe Today and now, on to this week’s stories!

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Amazing New X-Ray Image of the Whirlpool Galaxy Shows it is Dotted with Black Holes

by Shannon Hall June 3, 2014

In any galaxy there are hundreds of X-ray binaries: systems consisting of a black hole capturing and heating material from a relatively low-mass orbiting companion star. But high-mass X-ray binaries — systems consisting of a black hole and an extremely high-mass companion star — are hard to come by. In the Milky Way there’s only […]

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Virtual Star Party – May 4, 2014: It’s Galaxy Season!

by Fraser Cain May 4, 2014

Hosts: Fraser Cain and Scott Lewis Astronomers: Gary Gonella, Andrew Dumbleton, Stuart Foreman, David Dickinson, Shahrin Ahmad and special guest Henna Khan from Bombay, India Tonight’s Views: the Moon’s surface M44 Beehive Cluster Neutron Star B224 from HST All-Sky View Mars with ice caps and Hellas Basin visible Comet C/2012 K1 PanSTARRS Stuart demonstrating how […]

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Mapping Molecular Clouds Changes Astronomers Outlook On Starbirth

by Tammy Plotner December 10, 2013

It didn’t happen overnight. By studying the properties of giant molecular clouds in the Whirlpool Galaxy for several years with the millimeter telescopes of IRAM, the Institut de Radioastronomie Millimétrique, astronomers have been given a whole, new look at star formation. Encompassing 1,500 maps of molecular clouds, this new research has found these building blocks […]

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Supernova Discovered in M51 The Whirlpool Galaxy

by VirtualAstro June 3, 2011

A new supernova (exploding star) has been discovered in the famous Whirlpool Galaxy, M51. M51, The Whirlpool galaxy is a galaxy found in the constellation of Canes Venatici, very near the star Alkaid in the handle of the saucepan asterism of the big dipper. Easily found with binoculars or a small telescope. The discovery was […]

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