Awesome ‘Sideways’ View from Space of the Erupting Kliuchevskoi Volcano

by Nancy Atkinson December 2, 2013

Want to stay on top of all the space news? Follow @universetoday on Twitter We’ve seen some great views from space of erupting volcanoes, like Pavlov, Shiveluch, and Nabro. While most of the views from space look straight down in a in a nadir view, this photo was taken from the International Space Station with […]

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Volcanic Blast Forms New Island Near Japan

by Nancy Atkinson November 21, 2013

A volcanic eruption is creating a tiny new island off the coast of Japan. The Japanese Coast Guard snapped images and video of the eruption taking place, showing the new island being formed. Footage showed heavy smoke, ash and rocks spewing from the volcanic crater. As of this writing, experts say the small island is […]

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Ancient ‘Supervolcanoes’ Lurk On Mars And Once Showered Planet In Ash: Study

by Elizabeth Howell October 2, 2013

Once-active “supervolcanoes” in northern Mars likely spewed ash and dust thousands of miles away, producing powdery deposits noticed by the NASA’s Curiosity and Opportunity rovers closer to the equator, a new study suggests. Remove this ad Elizabeth Howell on Google+

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A Volcanic View of Mercury

by Jason Major September 24, 2013

Here on Earth we’re used to seeing volcanoes as towering mountains with steam-belching peaks or enormous fissures oozing lava. But on Mercury volcanic features often take the form of sunken pits surrounded by bright reflective material. They look like craters from orbit but are more irregularly-shaped, and here we have a view from MESSENGER of […]

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Major Volcanic Eruption Seen on Jupiter’s Moon Io

by Nancy Atkinson August 23, 2013

Recent observations of Jupiter’s moon Io has revealed a massive volcanic eruption taking place 628,300,000 km (390,400,000 miles) from Earth. Io, the innermost of the four largest moons around Jupiter, is the most volcanically active object in the Solar System with about 240 active regions. But this new one definitely caught the eye of Dr. […]

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