solar eclipse

Amazing Images of Today’s Solar Eclipse from Earth and Space

by David Dickinson April 29, 2014

The images are pouring in. While most of North America slept this AM, Australians were treated to the very first solar eclipse of 2014 earlier today. And while this particular eclipse was a partial one only from the Australian continent, it still offered observers a fine view of an often elusive natural spectacle. David Dickinson […]

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Our Guide to the Bizarre April 29th Solar Eclipse

by David Dickinson April 21, 2014

Will anyone see next week’s solar eclipse? On April 29th, an annular solar eclipse occurs over a small D-shaped 500 kilometre wide region of Antarctica. This will be the second eclipse for 2014 — the first was the April 15th total lunar eclipse — and the first solar eclipse of the year, marking the end of the […]

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Hybrid Solar Eclipse Images from Around the World, November 3, 2013

by Nancy Atkinson November 3, 2013

Many lucky people around the world were treated to a an unusual “hybrid” solar eclipse today — so called because the extent to which the Sun was blocked out varied around the world. Those along North America’s east coast and the northern half of South America saw a brilliant Sun partially eclipsed by the Moon […]

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Rare ‘Hybrid’ Solar Eclipse on November 3, 2013: How to See It

by David Dickinson October 28, 2013

It’s almost upon us. The final eclipse of 2013 occurs this coming weekend on Sunday, November 3rd. This will be the fifth eclipse overall, and the second solar eclipse of 2013. This will also be the only eclipse this year that features a glimpse of totality. David Dickinson on Google+

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Weekly Space Hangout – October 18, 2013: Penny4NASA, SpaceX Plans, ISON Lives!

by Fraser Cain October 18, 2013

This week for the Weekly Space Hangout, we were joined by an impressive team of space journalists and special guest John Zeller, the Founder of Space Advocates – they’re best known for their Penny4NASA campaign. We discussed the government shutdown, cool reusable spacecraft and electric aircraft, exoplanets, non-killer asteroids, tilted planets and much much more. […]

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