Extrasolar Planets

Join the Live Discussion: The Hunt for Other Worlds Heats Up

by Nancy Atkinson July 8, 2014

As readers of Universe Today know, exoplanets are one of the hottest topics in astronomy today. In just the past six months, astronomers have announced the discovery of more than 700 planets orbiting other stars, bringing the total to more than 1700. These discoveries include the first Earth-size planet found in what’s called the habitable […]

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Take a Fly-by Of All the Known Exoplanets

by Nancy Atkinson April 24, 2014

Here’s a fun trip through the galaxy, put together by PhD student Tom Hands at the University of Leicester: In the above video, you can fly to of all the known exoplanets (around single stars only), ordered roughly by semi-major axis of largest orbit. Hands said the video is designed to give the viewer an […]

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Astronomy Cast Ep. 337: Photometry

by Fraser Cain March 10, 2014

There’s a lot you can learn by just staring at an object, watching how it changes in brightness. This is the technique of photometry, and it has helped astronomers discover variable stars, extrasolar planets, minor planets, supernovae, and much more. Fraser Cain on Google+

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How Will Aliens Find Us?

by Fraser Cain March 10, 2014

Trying to keep a low profile, to prevent the aliens from invading? Bad news. Life has actually been broadcasting our existence to the Universe for hundreds of millions of years. Fraser Cain on Google+

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What are Hot Jupiters?

by Fraser Cain February 12, 2014

When astronomers first discovered other planets, they were completely unlike anything we’ve ever found in the Solar System. These first planets were known as “hot jupiters”, because they’re giant planets – even more massive than Jupiter – but they orbit closer to their star than Mercury. Dr. Heather Knutson, a professor at Caltech explains these […]

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