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China’s Yutu Moon rover starts Lunar Day 4 Awake but Ailing

by Ken Kremer March 16, 2014

KENNEDY SPACE CENTER, FL – China’s maiden moon rover Yutu awoke from her regular two week long slumber on Friday, March 14, to begin the 4th Lunar Day since the probes history making touchdown on the surface of Earth’s nearest neighbor in mid December 2013. But the endearing robot is still ailing and suffering from […]

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NASA Lunar Orbiter snaps Spectacular Images of Yutu Moon Rover driving around Chang’e-3 Lander

by Ken Kremer March 7, 2014

The powerful telescopic camera aboard NASA’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO) has captured spectacular new images detailing the traverse of China’s Yutu moon rover around the landing site during its first two months exploring the Moon’s pockmarked grey terrain. The newly released high resolution LRO images even show Yutu’s tracks cutting into the lunar surface as […]

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Yutu Moon Rover Starts 3rd Night Time Hibernation But Technical Problems Persist

by Ken Kremer February 23, 2014

The world famous and hugely popular ‘Yutu’ rover entered its 3rd Lunar night time hibernation period this weekend as planned, but serious technical troubles persist that are hampering science operations Chinese space managers confirmed. “China’s lunar rover Yutu entered its third planned dormancy on Saturday, with the mechanical control issues that might cripple the vehicle […]

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China’s Yutu Moon Rover Alive and Awake for 3rd Lunar Day of Exploration despite Malfunction

by Ken Kremer February 13, 2014

Yutu Lives! The little ‘rabbit’ beloved worldwide has now phoned home and actually survived the perils of the long lunar night and is alive and awake to start a 3rd day of scientific exploration despite suffering a serious malfunction as it entered the latest hibernation period two weeks ago. “Yutu has come back to life!” […]

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Time for Earth to bid China’s Yutu Moon Rover Farewell ?

by Ken Kremer February 12, 2014

Update: There might yet be hope for Yutu. Amateur radio operators at UHF-satcom reported detection of a signal from Yutu today. But no update has been reported on the China News Service website or other official state media. Yutu’s fate is unknown.] Update 2: Yutu is alive. story and headline revised. Further details – here […]

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