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Wow! Water Ice Clouds Suspected In Brown Dwarf Beyond The Solar System

by Elizabeth Howell September 12, 2014

What are planetary atmospheres made of? Figuring out the answer to that question is a big step on the road to learning about habitability, assuming that life tends to flourish in atmospheres like our own. While there is a debate about how indicative the presence of, say, oxygen or water is of life on Earth-like […]

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Can A ‘Planet-Like Object’ Start Its Life Blazing As Hot As A Star?

by Elizabeth Howell August 5, 2014

Nature once again shows us how hard it is to fit astronomical objects into categories. An examination of a so-far unique brown dwarf — an object that is a little too small to start nuclear fusion and be a star — shows that it could have been as hot as a star in the ancient […]

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Surprise! Brown Dwarf Star Has Dusty Skies, Appearing Strangely Red

by Elizabeth Howell February 6, 2014

Dust clouds on a brown dwarf or “failed star” are making it appear redder than its counterparts, new research reveals. Better studying this phenomenon could improve the weather forecast on these objects, which are larger than gas giant planets but not quite big enough to ignite nuclear fusion processes to become stars. “These are not […]

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Weekly Space Hangout – January 31, 2014: No Black Holes?!?

by Fraser Cain January 31, 2014

Host: Fraser Cain Guests: Brian Koberlein, Morgan Rehnberg, David Dickinson, Jason Major, Nicole Gugliucci Fraser Cain on Google+

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Behind the Scenes: The “Making Of” the First Brown Dwarf Surface Map

by Markus Pössel January 30, 2014

By now, you will probably have heard that astronomers have produced the first global weather map for a brown dwarf. (If you haven’t, you can find the story here.) May be you’ve even built the cube model or the origami balloon model of the surface of the brown dwarf Luhman 16B the researchers provided (here). […]

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