Why Universe Today Writes on Climate Change

by Shannon Hall April 9, 2014

Want to stay on top of all the space news? Follow @universetoday on Twitter Online science reporting is difficult. Never mind the incredible amount of work each story requires from interviewing scientists to meticulously choosing the words you will use to describe a tough subject. That’s the fun part. It’s just after you hit the […]

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Bill Nye on Taking Astronomy with Carl Sagan

by Jason Major March 21, 2014

“This is how we know nature. It is the best idea humans have ever come up with.” – Bill Nye, Science Guy and CEO of The Planetary Society In this latest video from NOVA’s Secret Life of Scientists and Engineers, science guy Bill Nye talks about the incredible influence that Carl Sagan had on his […]

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Landmark Discovery: New Results Provide Direct Evidence for Cosmic Inflation

by Shannon Hall March 17, 2014

Astronomers have announced Nobel Prize-worthy evidence of primordial gravitational waves — ripples in the fabric of spacetime — providing the first direct evidence the universe underwent a brief but stupendously accelerated expansion immediately following the big bang. “The implications for this detection stagger the mind,” said co-leader Jamie Bock from Caltech. “We are measuring a signal […]

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SOFIA Gives Scientists a First-Class View of a Supernova

by Jason Major March 3, 2014

Astronomers wanting a closer look at the recent Type Ia supernova that erupted in M82 back in January are in luck. Thanks to NASA’s Stratospheric Observatory for Infrared Astronomy (SOFIA) near-infrared observations have been made from 43,000 feet — 29,000 feet higher than some of the world’s loftiest ground-based telescopes. (And, technically, that is closer to […]

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Nearby Stream of Stars Reveals Past Cosmic Collision

by Shannon Hall February 27, 2014

The tangled remains of vast cosmic collisions can be seen across the universe, such as the distant Whirlpool Galaxy’s past close encounter with a nearby galaxy, which resulted in the staggering beauty we see today. Such colossal collisions between galaxies appear to be common. It’s likely giant galaxies, such as our own, originated long ago […]

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