Watch Live Webcast of Asteroid Apophis Earth Flyby

by Nancy Atkinson January 9, 2013

Once again, the Slooh Space Camera team will host a live webcast of an asteroid flyby of Earth. This one might be a bit more intriguing than others, if only because of the connotation this asteroid has. Asteroid Apophis a near-Earth asteroid with an estimated diameter of almost three football fields (270m), is making its […]

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Deflecting Incoming Asteroids with Paintballs

by Nancy Atkinson October 26, 2012

An artist’s rendering of the asteroid Apophis. Credit: ESA What would be a way to deflect asteroid Apophis if it gets a little too close for comfort in 2029 or 2036? Pew-pew it with 5 tons of white paintballs. Not only would the multiple mini impacts bump the asteroid off course, but the white paint […]

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Russia May Head Mission to Deflect Asteroid Apophis

by Nancy Atkinson December 30, 2009

Russia is considering sending a spacecraft to deflect a large asteroid and prevent a possible collision with Earth, according to a radio interview by the head of the country’s space agency. Anatoly Perminov said the space agency will hold a meeting soon to assess a mission to asteroid Apophis, and said NASA, ESA, the Chinese […]

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Celestial Body

by Jerry Coffey December 27, 2009

The term celestial body is as expansive as the entire universe, both known and unknown. By definition a celestial body is any natural body outside of the Earth’s atmosphere. Easy examples are the Moon, Sun, and the other planets of our solar system. But those are very limited examples. The Kuiper belt contains many celestial […]

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Apophis’ Odds of Earth Impact Downgraded

by Nancy Atkinson October 7, 2009

NASA scientists have recalculated the path of the large asteroid Apophis, significantly downgrading the odds of it hitting Earth. Using new information, the refined path indicates a 1 in 250,000 chance of impact in 2036, reduced from the 1 in 45,000 odds calculated earlier. The asteroid is expected to make a record-setting — but harmless […]

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