Insta-Mars: Crew Wraps Up Mock Mission With Pictures Of Their Hawaiian Adventure

by Elizabeth Howell July 21, 2014

Want to stay on top of all the space news? Follow @universetoday on Twitter It’s the final countdown for a hardy group of people who have been on “Mars” for the past four months. On Friday (July 25), the HI-SEAS crew will make their return after simulating Red Planet exploration in Hawaii. And you can […]

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How Humanity’s Next Moon Explorers Could Live In Lunar ‘Pits’

by Elizabeth Howell July 18, 2014

Just look at that new video from NASA showing the first moon landing site in three dimensions. It’s tempting to touch on the surface nearby the Eagle lander there in the center and do some prospecting. You’ll notice a lot of craters in that video, which is based on Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter data. Across the […]

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Cygnus Commercial Resupply Ship ‘Janice Voss’ Berths to Space Station on 45th Apollo 11 Anniversary

by Ken Kremer July 16, 2014

Following a nearly three day journey, an Orbital Sciences Corp. Cygnus commercial cargo freighter carrying a ton and a half of science experiments and supplies for the six person crew was successfully installed onto the International Space Station at 8:53 a.m. EDT this morning, July 16, after a flawless arrival and being firmly grasped by […]

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Ancient Snow Shaped A Martian Basin That’s Half The Size Of Brazil

by Elizabeth Howell July 16, 2014

Such great heights! A mountain chain peeks in the background of this new view of Hellas Basin, based on information taken by a European spacecraft circling the Red Planet. Beyond the pretty picture is a tale of how snow behaved on the Martian surface, according to the European Space Agency. The vast basin is about […]

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Look Out, Pluto! Spacecraft Will Fly By In Less Than One Year

by Elizabeth Howell July 15, 2014

Countdown! Just under one year from now, the New Horizons will finally reach its mission goal after sailing through the solar system for the better part of a decade. It will fly by the dwarf planet Pluto and its moons on July 14, 2015, showing us the surface of these distant bodies for the very […]

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