Ancient Martian Life May Be Preserved in Glass

by Jason Major April 18, 2014

Want to stay on top of all the space news? Follow @universetoday on Twitter When large asteroids or comets strike the Earth — as they have countless times throughout our planet’s history — the energy released in the event creates an enormous amount of heat, enough to briefly melt rock and soil at the impact site. That […]

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Seeing Red: Spectacular Views of this Morning’s Total Lunar Eclipse

by David Dickinson April 15, 2014

Did the Moon appear a little on crimson side to you last night? It’s not your imagination, but it was a fine textbook example of a total lunar eclipse. This was the first total lunar eclipse visible from the Earth since late 2011, and the first of four visible from the Americas over the next […]

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After The Flood: Ancient Waters Carved These Martian Channels

by Elizabeth Howell April 11, 2014

This picture is an example of why Martian scientists like to get their groove on. This late 2013 snapshot of Osuga Valles — a part of the vast Valles Marineris gorge that cuts across the Red Planet — shows the leftovers of an ancient flood. The European Space Agency highlighted the area in a release […]

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JPL Tests Big with a Supersonic Parachute for Mars

by Jason Major April 10, 2014

“You wanna go to Mars, you wanna go big? Then you gotta test big here,” says mechanical engineer Michael Meacham, and testing big is exactly what he and other engineers at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory have done to develop a new supersonic parachute for future Mars landings. Remove this ad Jason Major on Google+

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Did A Lake Once Cover Spirit Rover’s Landing Site On Mars?

by Elizabeth Howell April 9, 2014

Science is an iterative process, with each discovery building on those made before. This means that as new evidence comes into play, you need to examine the evidence in context of what you know now, and what you knew before. Sometimes the evidence points to new theories. And sometimes, like in this case concerning Mars, […]

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