Astrophoto: Kaleidoscopic View of Mars

by Nancy Atkinson July 21, 2014

Want to stay on top of all the space news? Follow @universetoday on Twitter Astrophotographer Leo Aerts from Belgium took advantage of the recent opposition of Mars and captured the Red Planet both “coming and going” in this montage of images taken from October 2013 to June of 2014. Mars reached opposition in April of […]

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Insta-Mars: Crew Wraps Up Mock Mission With Pictures Of Their Hawaiian Adventure

by Elizabeth Howell July 21, 2014

It’s the final countdown for a hardy group of people who have been on “Mars” for the past four months. On Friday (July 25), the HI-SEAS crew will make their return after simulating Red Planet exploration in Hawaii. And you can bet there are certain things they are missing about the outside world, or “Earth”. […]

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Sparks Fly on Mars as Curiosity Laser Blasts Red Planet Rock – Photos/Video

by Ken Kremer July 19, 2014

Curiosity has zapped hundreds of Red Planet rocks with her powerful laser blaster during her lifetime and has now caught the sparks flying for the first time as they happened – as seen in new photos and video above and below released this week by NASA. As the NASA rover’s million watt Chemistry and Camera […]

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Ancient Snow Shaped A Martian Basin That’s Half The Size Of Brazil

by Elizabeth Howell July 16, 2014

Such great heights! A mountain chain peeks in the background of this new view of Hellas Basin, based on information taken by a European spacecraft circling the Red Planet. Beyond the pretty picture is a tale of how snow behaved on the Martian surface, according to the European Space Agency. The vast basin is about […]

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Feel The Heat! New Mars Map Shows Differences Between Bedrock And Sand

by Elizabeth Howell July 16, 2014

For years, NASA’s Mars Odyssey has been working on some night moves. It’s been taking pictures of the Red Planet during nighttime — more than 20,000 in all — to see how the planet’s heat signature looks while the sun is down. The result is the highest-resolution map ever of the thermal properties of Mars, […]

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