Most Awesome Space Images of 2012

by John Williams December 31, 2012

Each year, we are simply stunned by the beautiful images of space shot from a growing myriad of eyes that stare toward the heavens. This year was no different. From views out of the portholes of the International Space Station and landscapes of Vesta and Saturn to the faraway vistas from Hubble, Chandra and Spitzer […]

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The ‘Bonus’ Full Moon of 2012

by Nancy Atkinson December 28, 2012

The Moon and Jupiter above the dishes in Canberra, Australia. Credit: Carlos Orue. The full Moon today is considered a bonus for 2012, since it is the 13th full Moon of the year. But this full Moon has also been a bonus in the sense that we’re getting several nights in a row of nearly […]

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Astrophoto for December 21, 2012: Stars over the Temple of Quetzalcoatl

by Nancy Atkinson December 21, 2012

Templo de la Serpiente Emplumada / Temple of Quetzalcoatl. Credit: César Cantú. Click on the image for access to a larger version. Our friend César Cantú sent us this image today, and it seemed perfect to share on the day where nothing apocalyptic happened. Hopefully, the day turned out for all our readers as only […]

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Today’s Solstice Sun

by Nancy Atkinson December 21, 2012

This beautiful image from the Solar Dynamics Observatory provides a view of our Sun on the solstice (winter solstice for the northern hemisphere and summer solstice for the southern hemisphere,) at 11:12 UTC, December 21, 2012. No killer solar flares, no apocalypse, just pure beauty and the life-giving light and warmth from Old Sol. Happy […]

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NASA’s Final 2012 Doomsday Debunking Video (We Hope)

by Jason Major December 20, 2012

Despite countless articles published over the course of several years to the contrary, despite videos and interviews with some of the world’s most prominent and well-respected astronomers, despite new archaeological discoveries and well-established knowledge, despite the laws of physics, for crying out loud (and, curiously enough, even despite the fact that parts of the world […]

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